Learning Ikebana in English

Learning Ikebana in English

Day Select from Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Time Any time from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. about 2 hours
Fee 3,000 Yen for 1 Lesson including flower materials
Text Sogetsu Textbook I,II,III,IV,V 3 volumes of textbook in total.
Curriculum 1,2 Kakei-basic of Ikebana. 3 composition and Line, Color, Mass.
4 Material and Space. 5 Technique and Creation
Diploma You will receive a Certificate at each level after completion of the curriculum.
For a acquisition of teacher's Diploma, you must complete the Curriculum 1,2,3,4., then the first stage of teacher's Diploma can be made upon completion of Curriculum 5.

Off-site Lessons

Private lessons at your home.
Yumiko will visit your home for the private Ikebana lessons.
3,000yen will be charged for each lesson including flower materials.
** Transportation fee will be charged outside of Naka-ku YOKOHAMA **
Gruop Lesson at the school & community center
Ikebana lesson by group at the school and local community center is available.

For more information please ask Ms. Yumiko MAKI IWANITSKY

Phone : 090-4096-7410

E-mail : yamate@ikebana-salon.com